We have a wide range of fringe styles available on our website and with soo much choice it can often be difficult to choose the right fringes for your garment. In this post we will go through our most popular fringes and how to best use them.


Bullion Fringes
These are 'the' staple of all fringes and are great for pretty much all garments. We sell 3 variations of this fringe: from our low cost 6cm Bullion aswell as our standard 2" Bullion and 3" Bullion for those seeking a more bold look. 
Loop Fringes 
One of our most popular fringe styles, these come in a vast array of colours. These fringes have a great flow which makes them well suited to skirts and dresses.
Tassel Fringes
Nothing screams royalty like Tassels. They are the perfect finishing touch to feast day and formal garments. 
Our Variety Of Tiny Fringes (Mini Fringe, Pom Pom, Mini Tassel & More) 
These fringes give a more discreet look and are excellent for children's clothing as well as work attire.
Suede Fringes
A strong and durable fringe complimenting leather, denim and outdoor textiles.
These are just a handful of the range that we have available so be sure to check out our website for more awesome fringes. 
We'd love to hear your questions and comments, so please leave them below!!!